What Do Statistic Say about Having Sex on the First Date?

x_ecbe7262-200x130-2117776According to researches, not absolutely all men want to have sex on the first date and they can be even stunned if their dates agree to have. Only 37 % of men say that they would like to have sex on the first date and you should agree, the number is not too big. But, what about women? What do scientists say about all these pretty girls? They claim that only one in three girls is looking for sex at the first date. Even if you are dating online for a long time, it is possible that she do not feel confident when meeting you for the first time. It is a personal choice of every man and woman. And don’t believe that if your girlfriend refuses to have sex on the first that means that she is not interested in you and you won’t have the second date with her. May be she still wants to develop your romantic relationships and wants to make sure you are her second half. Never say die! If you are serious in your intentions and are sure that your feelings are true, just don’t give up!

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