How to Get the Guy to Like You?

5-1776672I think every woman has ever asked herself this question: What does attract men? What can make them interested and to keep their attention. Every woman has her own secrets of attracting attention of the representatives of the opposite sex, but in this article we will try to figure out some general rules. So if you are dreaming to know how to make a man like you and to keep his interest, you came to the right place. You should understand that men’s psychology differs a lot from women’s. There is a popular saying: “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”.
First of all remember that men are hunters and always look for challenges. You should make him to win your heart, be a goal he would achieve. Don’t surrender at discretion from the very beginning. Keep him in tension. All men like solving puzzles and they should see some mystery in you. Mysteries always attract men’s attention and power their desire to know you closer and to reveal the secrets of your personality. Always leave a little place for intrigue in your relations with men.

No one will love you if you don’t love yourself and this way you will feel the power you have. Men fall in love with their eyes and prefer women who care about themselves and their appearance. You shouldn’t be obviously an irresistible beauty or a model spending all your time in front of the mirror and in numerous spas and beauty salons, but know how to show your best qualities.

Be self-confident. If you want men treat you with respect, you need a strong feeling of self-respect. Strong men are searching for women who value themselves and their lives. Your man should understand that your life wasn’t absolutely empty before he appeared.

Be interesting and interested. It means that you should be able to keep the ball rolling and talk on more personal topics. If discussing only some general topics and news you won’t know each others characters. If you want to get to know each other closer, talk about your life, childhood, dreams, beliefs and passions. But it doesn’t mean that you should talk only about yourself, it should be a conversation and not a monologue. Be really interested in him, his character and life. Not only women like complements, but men do to. Make him feel exceptional.

One more important and attractive trait in women’s character from men’s point of view is independence. Of course, man is a head of the family and woman usually rely on her spouse, but in result it becomes boring for her man. Women who have their own life, interests and hobbies have more chances to get their special men. As we said before men look for challenges and independent women seem unachievable to them.

Be sure in your power and an ideal man will fall in love with you and present you with his heart . Knowing what men are searching in women you will easily attract men and keep their interest as long as you wish.

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