How to Get the Girl to Like You?

14-4072824How do they all do it? Why do all these guys have girlfriends, brides and wives and I don’t? Is there something special in them? And what is wrong with me? Many of the guys all over the world have ever asked these questions and maybe you are one of them. You are an average nice man and want to know the secret of attracting women. You shouldn’t just sit on the one place and wait for your lucky chance. Take your future into your own hands. Every woman is looking for somebody special and wants her dear man have some special character traits. But we will talk about some general features that are valued by all the women.
So what should you start with? Look at yourself honestly. No one is perfect and you are not an exception. Everyone has his own positive and negative features. Make accent on you positive sides, but don’t lie. Honesty is one of the most main things women are looking for in men, but not the only one.

The majority of girls are looking for confident and reliable men. They want to be sure that men are ready to care for them and to protect them from all the difficulties of the life. There are not so many girls who are attracted to shy men. With confident men, girls feel themselves confident and secure. Be a knight in shining armor for your beautiful lady.

There is a firm belief that women are attracted to brutal strong men, so called Alfa Males. First of all, not all girls like such type of men. Moreover if you are not one of them, don’t try to pretend (it can look funny). As we have said earlier ‘Honesty is the best policy’. You don’t need to become a ‘bad boy’. Be yourself. Lots of beautiful women dream to find a nice guy and be happy with him.

Women don’t pay so much importance to men’s outlook. But it doesn’t mean that you should give up on all the tries to look better and keeping yourself in good shape. You hardly would find a girl who will fall in love with untidy and dirty men. You should always look tidy, clean and smell good. Also you better to shave well (there are no so many men who looks great unshaved, so better not to risk).

Be attentive to your potential girlfriend. Remember that your conversation shouldn’t turn into your monologue. Show her that you are interested in her personality, life, dreams and feelings. All women want to feel special. Telling complements is a real art and you should try to become an artist. You should pay attention not only to her appearance, but also to her character.

For men it is really hard to understand women. Men always try to follow logic, while women listen to their feelings, emotions and hearts. But now you know what women are looking for and several secrets of attracting and keeping their attention.

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