Michael Cooper

Michael Cooper

Online Dating Analyst

Every lousy dating experience should not leave you frustrated but motivated to become better.

Greetings, I’m Michael Cooper — an online dating analyst from Canada. My mother gave me birth in Monreal in 1991. 

Since I remember, my love for analytics and psychology was unconditional. 

I studied psychology at the University of Toronto from 2008 till 2015. During this time, I would develop more connections with people and do multiple surveys on dating platforms they would use.

I completed six surveys with more than 100 students and made one essential conclusion — about 73% of people preferred online communication in the first place. 

After graduating from the University of Toronto, I moved to New York to evolve as an online dating analyst. My education wasn’t enough which led me to complete another analytics course at MIT. Despite being free, the course was surprisingly helpful.

My career started to blossom when I got hired at popular dating platforms as an analyst. My job was to identify the role of little details that make up the website and optimize the work of the platform. 

This helped me realize the effective points for my personal future website — Dating Overview. 

Dating Overview it’s the place where every user gets free access to multiple reviews of popular dating websites. Why am I doing this? 

Well, it’s all simple. Dating websites take time and money from singles. Unfortunately, I’ve stumbled upon sites that impaired the impression of dating and left singles scammed or catfished. Many websites can lure more users by implementing bot chats which are not okay because a single guy can get a message from a hottie when in reality it may be a bot or a catfisher. 

My job requires evaluation and giving impressions. I personally register at various dating platforms, try them out, and share my perspectives with users: on what they can use and what they’d rather avoid. 

My goal is to evolve Dating Overview and boost its appearance to an online audience. To do so, I need help from professional coaches who could help me with the comments, articles, and general advice on dating. I look forward to your feedback and cooperation. 

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